KAXE, Northern Community Radio

This morning I was thrilled to be interviewed by Scott Hall for his segment, Our History, on KAXE, Northern Community Radio. Scott and I discussed the book at length for almost 20 minutes, with Scott asking some great questions about how I developed some of the characters in the book and about the rugged life they led in those early days in Mountain Iron. Scott praised the book for it’s depiction of the life of those early Rangers and told his listeners, “I highly recommend you read this book.”

Listen to my interview with Scott from this archive recording. If you can’t listen in your browser, you can open this MP3 in your audio player of choice. Scott starts talking about the book around the 6 minute mark, and I come on the air at about the 16 minute mark.

Mesabi Pioneers, the highly readable account of the early days of mining on the Mesabi Range, is available from the Mesabi Project store, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Book World, and the iBooks Store. Or ask about it at your local bookstore.