Jeffrey Smith

Jeffrey Smith

Jeffrey Smith was born in 1971 in Farmington, New Mexico, in the remote northwest corner of the Land of Enchantment.  He spent the first years of his life moving with his mother and his brother first to northern California, then to Denver, then back to California, before settling with his father in Amarillo, Texas, in 1979.  There he spent his formative years being buffeted by the high plains winds and avoiding the smell of the cattle yards west of town.

In 1986 he and his father moved to Plano, Texas, where Jeffrey attended high school with the largest graduating class in the state—1200 students.  Despite living in what may be called The Football State, Jeffrey preferred the more solitary activities of writing and running.  He began his love of letters on a Smith-Corona electric typewriter borrowed from his father’s office.

In 1990 he moved to Austin to attend the University of Texas, earning his Bachelor of Arts in English in 1995, and afterwards he moved to New York City where he worked various jobs in both managerial and secretarial roles, while working on his writing craft.  In July 2000, he met his wife, and they married three years later and moved to Connecticut.  In 2007, they moved back to New York City.  In 2010 they welcomed home a daughter.  The following year Jeffrey began a new career: stay-at-home parent.

In addition to writing and parenting, Jeffrey is an accomplished distance runner, completing 16 marathons, seven 24-hour relay races, and half-a-dozen ultra-runs, including three 100 mile races.

His short fiction has appeared in The Cynic Online Magazine, Every Day Fiction, Halfway Down the Stairs and in eFiction Magazine.  He blogs about running, writing and parenting at

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